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Osmanthus soya bean powder for joints pain


Osmanthus soya bean powder belongs to earth, corresponding to Spleen. It can regulate common symptoms caused by insufficient or excessive spleen, such as: sore knees, joints pain, back muscle stiffness and achy, abdominal pain.

Cold waist, aversion to cold/afraid of wind, body heaviness, jaundice, dry mouth, edema.

Incomplete urine, frequent urination , excessive leucorrhea, burning and stinging urine, enuresis; loose stool, sticky stool, blood in the stool, shortness of breath, abdominal distension with noudules, etc.


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Osmanthus soya bean powder is one of Five elements bean Powder product. It follows the theories of the I Ching, Bagua, and Xiangshu ( image-number ) to reconcile many discomforts caused by the lack or excess of the Five Elements.

It stimulates the resonance of the energy of physical,mental and blood with the heaven, earth and universe. Then achieving the goal of recuperating common symptoms with natural methods.

Wu Xing Bean Powder uses high-quality raw materials (no sulfur fumigated raw materials). All oats and beans are certified organic, with zero additives and no artificial additives such as preservatives and flavorings.

The raw materials adopt traditional bran frying technology and are treated gently to enhance the curative effect. Drink it every day to protect your health.

Osmanthus soya bean powder

Pickup available at One More Cup of Tea shop in Nanaimo, BC. View Shop Location


Soya Bean, Oat, Yam, Jujube, Osmanthus, Dried Ginger, Malt, Alpinia Oxyphylla Miq.

15 g / bag


1. Add 120 ml hot water into the cup(the water temperature is about 80-85 C).
2. Pour 1 bag of bean powder while stirring.
3. Stir the mixture until completely dissolved.
4. Drink it when it is warm.

For maintenance dose: 1 bag / day


1. Not suitable for people who are allergy for beans.
2. Read ingredients before taking it to make sure not allergy any ingredient of this product.
3. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
4. Keep away from children.


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