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Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nanaimo
One More Cup of Tea

Tea and Herbs Nanaimo:complementary & alternative

Tea and Herbs Nanaimo dedicated to providing the best in complementary and alternative health care Nanaimo.

Are you a tea enthusiast who loves indulging in the soothing aroma and healing properties of herbal teas? Or are you trying to keep healthy from drinking herbal tea or herbal diet daily?

Wu xing tea is a dedicated herbal tea which can enhance your tea-drinking experience, also keeping healthy daily. A cup of bean powder supplement daily, easy and enough to complement enough energy for a certain organ.

Establish strong immunity just simple and easy as drinking one more cup of tea daily keeping balance the whole energy level.

Wu xing tea is a herbal tea with high-quality tea selection.

Building a remarkable tea starts with the selection of high-quality herbal teas. Look for organic, loose-leaf teas made from the finest herbs. Choose a variety of flavors and blends to achieve different organs need and mood preferences. Some popular herbal tea choices include seasoning o’oolong, pu er, wolfberry and chrysanthemum.

Complementary health care in tea and herbs Nanaimo

It is usually called tea which came from flowers, fruits, leaves, or roots.

Flower tea such as jasmine tea, rose tea, chamomile tea, lavender tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc.

Leaves tea such as Green tea, Black tea, Pu’er, Tie Guan yin, etc. Fruits tea such Wolf Berry tea, Hawthornor tea, Lemon tea, Monk Fruit tea, Fig tea, Schisandra Chinensis tea,ect.

Even roots tea such Ginseng tea,(Isatidis Radix) Ban Lang Geng tea, (Rhizoma Imperatae) Bai Mao Geng tea,  Cichorium Intybus tea, (Ge Geng) kudzu root tea, etc.

Different types of drinking tea have different function for different constitutions. You will learn more tea knowledge and its function simply clicking on the individual tea name above mentioned.

Tea and Herbs Nanaimo

Different types of plants are bred in the great nature which are not only providing us food but also healing us when we are sick.

One more cup of tea also introduce you some bathing herbs for your daily maintenance. Usually those herbs have to be cooked with water before using it as a bathing soup.

Those herbal bathing soups helps for calming mind, relaxing, killing parasites, reliving skin rash, clearing body odor, relieving cold limbs by dispelling cold and dampness,etc.

Herbal bathing including foot herbal bathing, body herbal bath. You will learn more about herbs for different usage from the News page.

We also provide Chinese 5-tone music,moxibustion,acupuncture,tuina,cupping,guasha,herbal aromatherapy to arise up whole body energy level.

Read more to find more complementary alternative health care to keep healthy in daily maintenance.

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