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Diabetes must watch out for early signs of physical body

Diet habits and lifestyles make modern people prone to hyperglycemia. Some of the following body signs should be paid attention to, and proper adjustments to work, rest and diet habits will prevent the development of type II diabetes.

1. Eating more, drinking more, urinating more, weight lose;

2. Eyes are prone to fatigue, vision lose, and blurred vision;

3. Feeling hungry again one hour after a meal;

4. Dry skin, often difficult fall asleep;

5. The wound is difficult to heal;

6. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, intractable and intermittent diarrhea and constipation;

7. Those who feel itchy ears and abnormally increased earwax;

8. Sexual dysfunction, especially middle-aged and elderly obese people;

9. Peripheral neuritis, numbness, pain and burning sensation in hands and feet;

10. Skin herpes, skin ringworm, folliculitis;

11. Burning sensation in the mouth, red and swollen gums, periodontal tissue edema, tooth percussion pain, loose teeth, tooth loss, etc.

Prevent diabetes

1. Therapeutic Anti-diabetic Tea – Dandelion Jade Ginseng Tea

Efficacy: reduce fire and inflammation, reduce blood sugar and dampness.

Recipe: dandelion root, corn silk, Polygonatum odoratum, rose flower

Production Method:

1). Wash the dandelion root, dry it and fry it until dry, set aside;

2). Wash the corn silk and dry it for later use;

3). Wash the Polygonatum odoratum, steam it, dry it in the sun, fry it to make tea, and set aside;

4). Wild rose petals are naturally dried in the shade and set aside;

5). Grind all the ingredients together;

6). Soak in boiling water for tea to drink as a daily drink.

2. Lifestyle adjustments to help diabetes turn to normal

1). Proper walking exercise can prevent diabetes

Exercising for about 35 minutes a day can reduce your risk of diabetes by 80%, even without losing weight.

2). Get enough sleep can prevent diabetes

When the human body is in the sleep state, the body adjusts to repair the imbalance caused during the day. Those who sleep less than six hours a day double their risks of developing diabetes. Because the nervous system is in a state of tension that affects hormones that regulate blood sugar.

3. Avoid restricting drinking water

Diabetic people need to drink enough water. Because the body is in a state of high sugar, repleishing water can help the plasma osmotic pressure drop and return to normal, which can play a role in lowering blood sugar.

Restriction of drinking water will lead to hypovolemia, which will increase blood sugar, and will exacerbate hypertonic (above the osmotic pressure of cave plasma) state.

Learn what kind of water to drink to dilute the sugar in the blood

The kidney and spleen cannot coordinate and cooperate, and the water you drink cannot replenish the relevant viscera to achieve the effect of replenishing body water. It does not reach the blood vessels and meridians that need to dilute sugar, especially the kidney meridians.

Some people drink water as much as they can however it also causes a nausea feeling, but their blood sugar did not drop.

Then, what is more for proper water drinking?

First, Chrysanthemum Pu-erh tea nourishes the kidney, attracts supplemental water to reach the relevant viscera, moistens the viscera and then excretes the waste water through the bladder.


Which not only moisturizes the viscera, but also dilutes the high sugar in the blood, so that the body’s blood sugar is at a normal value.

Second, Osmanthus Oolong Tea strength spleen system. Since spleen system leading the rise and fall of body fluids.


Strong spleen system can help kidney draining fluids that have been used by the body, avoid dampness retention in body meridians and internal organs.


Unimpeded meridians and healthy internal organs make the body’s circulation normal and effective.

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