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Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nanaimo

Acupuncture Nanaimo:One of Powerful Alternative Health Care

Acupuncture Nanaimo is one of safe,effective and fast alternative health care. The therapeutic effects include: relieving pain, increasing energy, improving mood and body function, improving circulation.

Acupuncture uses special needle to stimulate the release of endorphins. This is the body’s natural pain relief neurosurgeon. Therefore symptoms and the root cause of diseases can be relieved, and even healed on its own.

It is a technique bases on Tao-uses for health care and treatment of diseases. It takes the constant phenomena in nature as axioms.

To understand the effects and scope of application of acupuncture, we must first understand the expressions on the constant phenomena in nature.

– The Dao philosophical expressions and concepts interpret the concept that all objects in the universe require energy to produce and move as Tai Chi, that is vitality.

– Interpretation of day and night in a day as two modes(yin and yang).

– The four seasons of the year are called the four forms, that is south, east, west and north.

– The great earth is divided into east, south, west, north and middle, which can be wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

– The relevance of all things in the world is interpreted as an analogy.

– The movement of celestial bodies will be reflected on the earth and interpreted as a correspondence between heaven and earth;

– People are part of the universe, they will be interpreted as correspondence between man and heaven.

– Interpret the life and death of all animals and plants in the world as growth and harvest.

– All motions in the universe are circular curves, and they are interpreted as circular motions over and over again, that is midnight-noon and ebb-flow doctrine.

Most of the human body is liquid. These liquids are outside the blood vessels, they are driven by the qi(chee), and these qi are meridians in the human body that run through the body in a specific pattern.

These meridians can also be blocked due to bad life style, bad diet, or other habits, or old age due to body decline, and slow metabolism, resulting in biochemical imbalance or organ function imbalance.

Acupuncture therapy regulates the flow of qi (life energy) in the body, stimulates the body’s self-healing system. The body’s own immune system will re-adjust and repair errors, so that the pain can be alleviated and the disease can be cured.

Acupuncture Nanaimo:Principles for Pain

When pain occurs in a certain part of the body, acupuncture therapy stimulates the releasing of endorphins by inserting needles into specific acupuncture points-this is the body’s natural pain relief neurohormone to promote natural healing.

In addition to this therapy eliminating pain symptoms, moxibustion therapy is also available, especially for areas where acupuncture needle can not reached, Moxibustion is the first choice at that situation.

Types of Acupuncture Needles

Modern acupuncture needles are mostly made of metal, the diameter of the needle is from 0.16mm-0.50mm, and the length is from 0.13mm-7mm.

Different types of needles are used for different parts of the body or different function. For people who are needle faint, even the smallest needle is scary.

For this group of people, you don’t have to accept acupuncture therapy. You can choose other therapies, such other therapies as acu-points stimulation, moxibustion, Tui Na massage, Herbal diet therapy, food therapy, or even herbal formula therapy etc.. Which can help relieve pain, symptoms of chronic diseases, and sequelae of chemotherapy.

Acupuncture Nanaimo: The feeling

Different people have different tolerance to stimulation. Modern acupuncture needles are thin and thin, and most of them are 25-50 times thinner than hypodermic needles, and they are almost painless.

Some people have a slight tingling sensation when the needle is inserted, but it disappears instantly.

Some people feel that there is qi flowing alone some parts of the body. This feeling is pleasant and relaxing. Many people fall asleep during treatment.

Some people feel heavy and feel hot or cold. These different experiences are due to different physiques and different symptoms.

After acupuncture at specific acupuncture points, the body is stimulated to release endorphins, which has a calming effect, or after specific acupuncture points are stimulated, a certain meridian has been dredged, or the body is mobilizing energy to be dredged, all parts of the body will have the sensation of Qi flowing.

Acupuncture Nanaimo

Acupuncture Nanaimo: Side Effects

This therapy usually has no side effects. After the treatment, as energy is redirected in the body, internal chemicals and hormones are re-balanced and stimulated and healing begins.

Therefore, after the treatment, the original symptoms may worsen for a few days, which may also trigger other changes in sleep, appetite, intestines, urination or emotional state. These symptoms only indicate that acupuncture has begun to work.


Acupuncture therapy is a very safe treatment method with very few side effects. The Registered Acupuncturist or Registered TCM Practitioners are professionally trained.

Possible but very rare and unlikely key risks include: puncture of vital organs; other risks are also rare such as fainting, or bruising, or infection-only single-use disposable sterile needles are used.

The needle is discarded in a biohazard waste container for removal through a regulated biohazard waste service.

As usual, before giving you acupuncture therapy treatment, the practitioner will know about your basic physical condition and so on to assess whether you are suitable for acupuncture treatment, and explain the risk profile.

CLICK HERE to learn more about who are not suitable for this therapy.



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