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Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nanaimo

Cupping an effective ancient horn therapy for pain

Cupping – a horn therapy in China since ancient time

Cupping acts on the skin of the body, adjusts the functions of the viscera through the overall effects of the viscera, meridians, qi and blood, strengthens the health and eliminates evil, and balances the yin and yang.

It produces the effects of promoting qi and blood circulation, relaxing muscles and collaterals, reducing swelling and pain, dispelling wind and dampness in the body’s self-adjustment, which acts as a kind of benign stimulation and promotes the body to return to normal functions.


Regulating the balance of inner energy 

Cupping to reconcile inner energy balance is achieved through the compatibility of acu-points and cupping techniques. For example, if the disease is in the meridian or in the skin and flesh. It is better to pull out lightly, and in the bones and muscles, it is better to pull out again.

It adjusts the balance between yin and yang in both directions. For example, after cupping in patients with unstable blood pressure, low blood pressure can increase, and high blood pressure can also decrease.

Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

If the blood flow was normal, there was no pain. Once the muscles, ligaments and bones of the human body are damaged, blood stasis occurs locally. Which makes the flow of blood and qi in the channels and collateral not smooth.

If the blood stasis did not disappear, the pain would not stop. At this time, cupping at the corresponding local acu-points can eliminate blood stasis, regenerate new blood, unblock the channels and collateral, and circulate qi and blood.   

Clear heat and reduce swelling According to the principle of “heat causes disease”. Through the stimulation of the cupping technique, the heat evil is caused to clear up the heat.So that the internal yang-heat evil can penetrate to the body surface. And finally be excreted from the body to clear the body. The blood stasis, heat, swelling and poison.  

Cupping:Harmonizing the viscera   

It produces negative pressure suction in the meridians and acu-points. Causing congestion, blood stasis and other changes in acupuncture points on the body surface. The acupuncture points are connected to the internal organs through the meridians, thereby curing various visceral diseases.


There is a wide range of indications and can treat:   

1. Cold, cough, stomachache, dyspepsia and other medical diseases.  

2. Cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, frozen shoulder, rheumatism and other orthopedic diseases. 

3. Menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, mastitis and other gynecological diseases. 

4. Herpes zoster, eczema and other dermatological diseases.  

5. Toothache, mandibular joint disorders, throat swelling and pain and other ENT diseases.

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