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Nocturia-Sexoton pills


Nocturia-Sexoton pills are used to reinforce kidney yang. Helping deficiency of kidney yang marked by cool sensation in the loins and knees.

One of the clinical manifestations of kidney yang deficiency is symptoms such as frequent urination, incomplete urination, weak urination, and waiting to urinate.

Other symptoms include dry mouth, diabetes, edema, dreams a lot, tinnitus, asthma, skin diseas, afraid of cold, cold feet, etc.

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Nocturia-frequent night urination happens with many reasons, such as pregnancy, drinking just before bedtime-excessive fluid intake. Diabetes, an larged prostate, heart failure, sleep apnea, nocturnal polyuria, chronic nephritis, hyperaldosteronism, hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, chronic bronchitis, menopausal syndrome, chronic prostatic hyperplasia, ect,. Those symptoms and diseases are caused by insufficient kidney yang.

In addition to tonify the kidneys and supporting yang, sexoton pills-Jingui shenqi wan can also resist aging, enhance immunity, and improve fat and sugar metabolism.

It has the functions of anti-aging, enhancing immunity, improving lipid metabolism and sugar metabolism, enhancing nerve-body fluid mediation, and improving pituitary-adrenocortical function.



Aconitum camichaelii-fu zi
Alisma orientate-ze xie
Cinnamomum aromaticum-rou gui
Cornus officinalis-shan zhu yu
Dioscorea opposita-shan yao
Paeonia suffruticosa-mu dan pi
Poria cocos-fu ling
Rehmannia glutinosa-shu di huang

Non medicinal ingredient: Talc powder, Insect wax.


Recommended dose-for adults: 8 pills each time, 3 times daily-oralement.



1. It should not be used by those with normal urination despite kidney yang deficiency.
2. Pregnant women are prohibited from using this product.
3. It is forbidden for those who are allergic to the ingredients.
4. It is forbidden for those with dampness and heat in the body.
5. Not suitable for long-term use, please consult your practitioner.
6. Keep away from children.


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