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Jade Shield Pills


Jade shield pills – pingfeng san, it has the effect of replenishing qi, strengthening the surface and stopping sweating. It can also be used to helps weak people who are prone to get a cold.

Clinically, it is often helping allergic rhinitis, upper respiratory tract infection, those with superficial deficiency and exogenous wind evil, and glomerulonephritis, which is prone to colds and causes recurrence of the disease.

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Jade shield pills – Yupingfeng san can promote the regulation of the body’s immune function, and also has the effects of inhibiting inflammatory factors, regulating body hormone levels, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

Previous studies have found that Jade shield – Yupingfeng san has significant immunomodulatory effect in a variety of immune diseases, such as non-diabetic nephropathy stage 3 patients, peritoneal dialysis patients, children with allergic purpura, eczema and other chronic inflammatory diseases, urinary system diseases, chronic diarrhea and so on.

Clinical medicine believes that Jade shield pillls Yupingfeng san has a significant function of regulating the body’s immune system, which can be widely used in human immune diseases.

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NPN 8000 -200 pills

Recommended Dose for adult: 3 times a day, take 7 pills each time with warm water.

Recommendation: 1 hour away from any food, tea, coffee, vitamins, other medications.



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