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Gallbladder attacks symptoms-xiaochaihu tang wan


Gallbladder attacks symptms belongs to shaoyang disease. Xiaochaihu tang wan reconciles the exterior and interior, uses for such as the exchange of cold and heat, bitterness and fullness in the chest and ribs, upset and vomiting, loss of appetite, bitter mouth and dry throat, dizziness, vertigo.


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Gallbladder attacks symptoms-xiaochaihu tang wan has the effect of soothing the liver and gallbladder, relieving stagnation and harmonizing the liver. It can treat more than 15 different diseases and symptoms caused by the unbalance of liver and gallbladder.

1. Colds with alternating cold and heat

In the early stages of a cold, the body is in the stage of conflict between good and evil, with symptoms of cold & hot comes and goes.

And xiaochaihu tang wan also help improving immune, especially suitable for people who are weak and suffer from repeated colds.

2. Loss of appetite

Xiaochaihu tang wan soothes qi stagnation to expel the distention and then appetite improved.

3. Gastric bloating caused by overeating/indigestion

Overeating, too greasy or cold cause indigestion, eating too fast, or eating in a hurry, those habits will cause gastric bloating.

4. Melasma

Melasma(Chloasma), also called liver spot, is mostly caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, and is closely related to emotions.

5. Skin itching / skin allergies

Liver qi stagnation would turn into heat if it was unbalance for a long time, and the heat evil in the blood will tend to the surface and cannot be released.

Then Skin itching and skin allergies will be occurred.

6. Shingles

Severe stagnation heat of liver and gallbladder may lead to herpes zoster(shingles)

7. Pharyngitis

Stagnation heart of liver and gallbladder will not only show up on the skin, but also cause chronic pharyngitis.

8. Knees pain

Knees bear a lot of supporting body weight and movements behaiviors. Therefore knees need the lubricating oil of Qi and blood the most.

If the hematopoietic function of the liver was low, it would cause insufficient blood supply to the whole body and knees are no exception.

If they were often used without qi and blood lubrication, it would cause strain and knee pain.

9. Bitter mouth and dry throat

If the gallbladder meridian was blocked, the bitter taste will spread on the tongue.

There are two reasons. One is stagnation of liver qi which causes the gallbladder meridian to be blocked.

The other is that the diet is often sweet and greasy, which can also cause the gallbladder meridian to be blocked.

10. Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a buzzing sound in the ears, like the chirping of cicadas.

There are two ways to treat tinnitus. One is to nourish the liver and kidneys. The other way is soothing the liver and relieving stagnation to clear up the stagnation fire, because the gallbladder meridian passes through the ears.

11. Migraine

The pain points of migraines are on the temples of the head. Migraines will occur whenever you are emotionally agitated or stressed.

The temples of the head are on the paths of the Shaoyang Gallbladder Meridian.

12. Insomnia and dreaminess

Those insomnia and dreaminess caused by liver and gallbladder stagnation and heat disturbing the mind.

13. Premenstrual Syndrome

Many women will have varying degrees of irritability, irritability, low back pain, insomnia, etc. before menstruation.

These phenomena are often caused by stagnation of liver and gallbladder qi.

14. Cough

If a person was always angry, it would be difficult to cure the cough.

For those who usually have a cough and easily irritated, xiaochaihu tang wan has the best effect.

15. Anti-fatigue

The formula of xiaochaihu tang wan contains sweet ginseng, jujube, licorice, etc., which has the effect of tonic, moderate and stop pain.

Anyone who is tired can relieve fatigue by eating sweets to replenish weak righteousness.


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Chai hu (Bupleurum chinense)
Dan shen (codonopsis pilosula)
Gan cao (glycyrhiza uralensis)
Ban xia (pinellia ternata)
Huang qin (scutellaria baicalensis)
Sheng jiang (zingiber officinate)
Da zao (ziziphus jujuba)

Non medicinal ingredient: Talc powder, insect wax.




Adults dose:

Oral: 8 pills/time, 3 times/day



1. Avoid long-term use, because long-term use of Xiaochaihu tang wan will damage the liver and kidneys.
2. It is forbidden to take it if you have strong Qi, unstable Qi, dizziness, spontaneous sweating, etc.
3. Patients who are weak and have rising Qi should not take it.
4. People with vomiting or yin deficiency and severe inflammation should avoid taking it.
5. People with malaria and non-Shaoyang menstruation should not take this medicine.
6. Keep away from children.
7. Pregnant women consulling your practitioner/physican, even though little side-effective of xiaochaihu tang wan.


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