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How moringa seed does a miracle herbal cure function

Moringa seed is originated in India and is known as from the “miracle tree”.

The Moringa tree has provided Indian vegetarians with the daily nutrients needed since ancient times. Ayurveda medicine believes that Moringa prevents 300 diseases.

It is relatively easy to cultivate, and is now widely planted in various tropical regions.

In recent years, moringa have been widely recognized for their dietary and medical value, and have become emerging health-care ingredients.

1. Nutrition of Moringa

Moringa leaves and pods are rich in various minerals, vitamins, 20 amino acids, 46 antioxidants and 36 natural anti-inflammatory bodies and minerals.

Every 100 grams of Moringa contains 7 times more vitamin C than citrus, 3 times more iron than spinach, 4 times more vitamin A than carrots, 4 times more calcium than milk, 3 times more potassium than bananas, and yogurt 2 times.

In 2014, Chinese president Xi presented moringa seeds as a national gift to “Father of Cuba” Castro.

The root of the moringa tree has a spicy taste, also known as the horseradish tree.

The leaves, flowers, tender pods and seeds of moringa oleifera can be eaten directly. The oil extracted from moringa seeds is edible oil. The powder made from the young roots of the moringa tree is one of the raw materials for making curry powder.

Moringa has the functions of lowering blood sugar, lowering lipids, lowering blood pressure, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, laxative, diuretic, deworming, and improving sleep. It can enhance human immune function, delay aging and prevent diseases by long-term consumption.

2. Usage of Moringa Leaves:

1). Add milk and soup to boil;

2). Add honey and take it directly orally;

3). Add it to the soup as a seasoning;

4). Direct oral administration, preferably before meals, with vegetable soup, avoid fasting; dosage: generally about 3 grams, the dosage can be increased for constipation.

5). Mix in flour or stuffing to make bread, steamed buns and dumplings.

6). Add in the eggs, steamed or fried.

Moringa Leave

Moringa Leave

Suitable for people:

1. People who need to supplement vitamins A, E, B, calcium, iron and other minerals;

2. People with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cancer and constipation;

3. People who have been exposed to computer radiation for a long time.

Moringa leaf powder is mixed with flour or stuffing to make bread, steamed bread and dumplings.

3. Effection of Moringa Seed and Leaves

1). Moringa seeds have special effects on detoxification and acceleration of metabolism

Among the usual drinking water, tea, and flower tea, drink a sip first, then eat 1-3 morninga seeds (shelled and eat the inner seeds), then drink some water, you will feel that the water or tea you just drank has another kind of natural sweetness.

Generally speaking, people with abnormal liver function or metabolism problems will taste it bitter in the first time.

After eating morninga seed 1-2 months, they will strengthen the liver, improve sleep, enhance immunity and memory, accelerate metabolism, detoxification, weight loss and other effects.

2). Ways to intake moringa seed

For a normal and healthy body, moringa seed tastes natural sweetness.

Most of the time, moringa seeds is to peel the shell and eat the inner seeds.

Do not throw away the seed shell. It can be taken in blisters or used as a water purifier.

It is best to eat 1-3 times a day at the beginning of consumption, and 2-4 moringa seeds at a time.

After a week then add or subtract according to the individual’s physique.

You can obviously feel the effect after consuming it continuously for one month.

Usually drinking 300 cc of water after eating moringa seed after you crush it or chew it.

At that moment, you can immediately experience the magic of moringa seed. Soon after taking it, you can taste the sweetness in your mouth.

Even just drinking water, still taste sweet in the mouth, and even swallowing saliva has a natural sweetness.

4. Taste of Moringa Seed

Moringa seed tastes with pure sweetness by normal healthy people.

However there are other five flavors by people with different constitutions: bitter, sour, astringent, sweet, and fishy.

Moringa seed tastes with five flavor syndrome differentiation by chewing:

bitter (liver function strain);

Acid (weakened heart and small intestine);

Astringent (imbalance of the spleen, intestines and lungs);

Vomiting (cranial nerves and weakness);

Fishy (deficiency of kidney and bladder).

But it will improve after taking moringa seed for a while.

Moringa Seed

Moringa Seed

5. Usage of Moringa Seed in Different Symptoms

1). Skin diseases

such as skin allergies, athlete’s foot, eczema, rich hands, inexplicable itching, etc. Moringa seeds can be eaten with the shell.

Take 2 to 3 moringa seeds on an empty stomach in the morning and noon, and increase or decrease the dosage according to the severity and severity).

2). For hangover

Eating 2 to 3 moringa seeds 15 minutes before drinking is less likely to get drunk, the amount of alcohol will increase by 2 to 3 times, and you will not have a hangover if you are drunk.

No more upset stomach after a hangover.

The worst thing about being drunk in the next morning are stomach after vomiting and the headache.

An active ingredient contained in moringa seeds can effectively protect the stomach against alcohol and speed up alcohol distribution. This reduces the “disaster” brought about by drunkenness.

Some people have done experiments: ate moringa seeds first, then the amount of alcohol incresed and it will no longer feel uncomfortable after being drunk.

But no matter how to protect, alcohol will still hurt the body. Thus it is recommended to drink in moderation.

The usage is as follows: 30 to 15 minutes before drinking, eat 4 to 5 moringa seeds, chew and swallow directly, and drink about 300 ml of water at the same time.

3). For bad breath

Bad smell after eating garlic or bad breath.

Eat 1-2 moringa seeds with the shell to remove the odor, then drink some water, the odor will be gone.

4). For diabetes

Eat 2 moringa seeds(shelled) in the morning and noon each on an empty stomach then drink water, avoid sweets.

Some people get diabetics off medication after 3 months intaking moninga seeds.

The usage is as follows:

In the initial stage, the western diabetics medicine cannot be stopped temporarily, and the daily blood sugar situation should be observed.

Take 5 moringa seeds morning, afternoon and evening each, chew and swallow directly, drink about 500 ml of water after eating (about 150 ml of water each time, divided into 3 to 4 times).

If the condition is not serious, the dosage can be reduced to 3 morningga seeds in the morning, afternoon and evening each, and the dosage can be increased to 5 morninga seeds after getting rid of the drug.

5). For hemorrhoids, constipation and smooth stool

Eat 2 moringa seeds(shelled) on an empty stomach in the morning and noon each then drink some water after it.

It can make the toxins and wastes in the body usually excreted through the stool in the next morning.

The usage is as follows: Chew and swallow 3 moringa seeds directly in the morning and evening each, and drink about some water.

6). For age spots

The own detoxification function of the physical body begins to decline after age is getting old. Thus resulting in the formation of spots due to the deposition of toxins.

Moringa seeds contain an alkaloid, which detoxifies the human body through the action of this alkaloid.

It is this powerful detoxification ability that will make the stains that have been deposited for many years fade away.

The usage is as follows: Early consumption, chewing and swallowing 2 moringa seeds directly in the morning, afternoon and evening each, drink about 500 ml of water after it (about 150 ml of water each time, divided into 3 to 4 times).

After a week, the amount increase to 3-4 moringa seeds in the morning and 3 in the evening.

7). For sub-health

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the reduction of the amount of exercise, overtime and staying up late has become a “regular meal”.

Environmental pollution, etc., the overdraft of the human body is becoming more and more serious, and sub-health is accumulated over time.

Now, many people will take calcium tablets, vitamin tablets and the like to supplement, but these can only be specific supplements.

However, the nutrient need for the human body is comprehensive rather than individual.

And moreover, excessive amount of a certain type of nutrients is a bad thing rather than a good thing. Balance is the source of health.

The usage is as follows: in the early adaptation stage, chew and swallow 2 moringa seeds at noon and night each.

Drink about 500 ml of water (about 150 ml of water each time, divided into 3~4 times).

After the adaptation period, dosage increase to 3 moringa seeds at noon and evening each. Drinking water amount and times as the above.

6. Who is not Suitable to Eat Moringa Seeds

1). People with liver and kidneys diseases, stomach ulcers or stomach diseases, serious blood supply shortage to the brain, weak heart, severe hypotension, severe asthma symptoms, anemia and weak constitution should not eat it directly.

2). Infants under 6 months, pregnant women and menstrual period should not eat directly.

The above people should not eat moringa seed directly. They need to follow the doctor’s advice and eat cooked or processed moringa products. If those people eat it directly, or eat too much, it will have the following symptoms.

7. Side-effect of Moringa Seed

1). Causes Liver & Kidney dysfunction

Although Moringa seeds are rich in nutrients, however they are not suitable for those people with poor function of liver and kidney.

Infants and young children under 6 months, the liver and kidney are still in development, eating moringa seeds can cause lesions of liver and kidney functions.

Eating too much can also inhibit bone growth and insufficient blood supply to the brain in children.

2). Aggravate cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular patients are most afraid of the stimulation of the heart and nerves. The alkaloids contained in moringa seeds have the effect of stimulating the heart, making fresh and exciting, and moringa oxalic acid has the effect of stimulating the nerves. Cardiovascular disease, especially heart disease, can lead to death when consumed in excess.

3). Stone formation

The edible parts of Moringa oleifera include its roots, stems, leaves and seeds. The whole plant of Moringa oleifera contains very high oxalic acid, and there is also a high level of calcium in Moringa oleifera seeds. People with poor kidney function are not recommended. It is suitable for consumption to prevent excessive intake of oxalic acid from forming stones in the kidneys.

4). Preterm miscarriage

Moringa seeds also contain a lot of alkaloids, which can stimulate the immature fetus and promote the activity of the uterus. Excessive consumption or allergic reactions can lead to miscarriage and premature birth. Especially pregnant women before 6 months of pregnancy, the fetus is not very stable, and it is not suitable to eat Moringa seeds.

5). Allergic reactions

Moringa seeds contain a variety of allergen alkaloids, plant proteins, plant enzymes, etc. People with allergies must first conduct an allergy test before they can eat and use them. It is recommended to eat a small amount first to see if there is any Allergic reaction, you can first apply a little moringa seed juice behind the ear or on the arm to try it out.

8. Possible symptoms of taking Moringa Seed

The following are possible reactions, which usually go away on their own within 1-3 days.

1). People with gastric ulcer have burning pain symptoms

Moringa seeds have extremely strong anti-inflammatory and cell activation effects. When moringa seeds touch the stomach ulcer, they will decompose necrotic cells and viruses, thereby generating heat. Some slight tingling or stuffy sensations are caused by stimulating nerves.

How to deal with it: After meals, eat a small amount and frequently.

2). Constipation

Moringa seed will cause constipation temporarily.

The mucus in the gastrointestinal tract is to prevent gastric acid from corroding the intestinal wall and filtering the absorption of nutrients; if the mucus in the gastrointestinal tract is excessive, it will hinder the nutrient absorption function.

Intestinal function is to eliminate excess mucus in the stomach and intestines. The mucus and water are mixed and discharged into a slurry, which is different from normal diarrhea without abdominal pain.

Countermeasures: Continue to eat, usually return to normal after the next day.

3). Body itching sensation

People with impaired liver and kidney functions are prone to residual wastes, toxins, and metal elements in the vascular extremities and between cells.

Moringa seeds can effectively decompose these harmful substances and excrete them from the body in the urine.

When part of them are excreted by the sweat glands, the skin will feel itchy.

Coping method: Continue to eat or increase consumption until the itching is eliminated, which means that the toxins in the body are completely eliminated.

4). Arthritis, internal injury (blood stasis) have a feeling of throbbing

Moringa seeds have a very powerful blood purification function, which can decompose a large amount of bacteria, toxins and wastes in the affected area.

Coping method: For those who can tolerate it, continue to eat until the pain is not felt, and strengthen the consumption every day.

5). Frail people will temporarily experience fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc.

These people are very deficient in iron, they will have violent chemical changes immediately after eating moringa seeds. Due to their weak constitution, they feel particularly strong.

Coping method: At the beginning of eating Moringa seeds, you should reduce the amount of use, the consumption amount is 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, and gradually increase after you get used to it.

6). Heart throbbing sensation

After eating moringa seeds, the blood circulation is smoother due to the decomposition of some wastes in the blood vessels and blood.

It is a normal and good response for those people whom often feel palpitations or aggravated hear tbeat, especially those with severe hypertension.


1). Those who can tolerate it, continue to consume it according to the original dosage.

2). For those who cannot tolerate it, it is reduced to 2 tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening.

7). Pepople with bronchitis, emphysema and asthma have a lot of cough and phlegm

Coughing is a very natural reaction. If there was a foreign body or bacterial infection in the lungs or bronchi, the lungs will secrete a lot of mucus (phlegm) to contain the foreign body or bacteria, and use the method of coughing to cough it out of the body.

If the foreign body and bacteria are not eliminated in one day, keeping coughing is a natural reflex.

After using Moringa, the bacteria in the bronchus can be decomposed and the mucus deposited on the surface of the lungs can be decomposed, and the coughed up sputum is thick yellow. The phlegm was coughed up for a long time, and the phlegm color changed from thick yellow to pale white and then less. So this is a necessary process, otherwise it will not heal.

9. Mistakes in eating methods

1). Not insisting on eating regularly and quantitatively

In the opinion of many friends, it doesn’t matter if you eat more health-preserving foods and eat less for a few days, anyway, moringa is a medicinal and edible plant.

Eating moringa to adjust and improve the body also needs to be eaten regularly and quantitatively.

It cannot be fished for three days and two days of drying nets, otherwise the effect will definitely not be achieved.

This is also the fundamental reason why most people have no obvious effect.

Don’t be in a hurry, don’t eat too many moringa seeds, eat more than 10 grains at a time, it is easy to vomit, and more than 20 grains will cause vomiting and diarrhea.

It is best to take 5-6 capsules a day. Therefore, in order to be effective and to adjust the state of the body through plants, you must insist on eating regularly and quantitatively.

First, clean up all the garbage accumulated in the body for a long time, restore the clean state of the body, and adjust the healthy operation of the organs. If you insist on it for 1-4 months, there will be obvious effects.

Also note that it should not be used for many years. There are also taboos when taking moringa seeds. On the day of taking moringa seeds, you should avoid broad beans, fish and sour and cold foods.

2). Physical misunderstanding Different physiques, different health levels, age, living habits, etc. will affect the effect of moringa consumption.

The basic principle that should be followed when eating any health food is “less – more – less”, that is, you should start eating less and adapt to it; after the body adapts, gradually increase.

When the physical condition improves and stabilizes, reduce the amount of consumption and maintain a healthy state. That’s it.

To understand the physical adaptation status, be impatient and let the moringa seed to be adapted to the body.

After the body adapts, it accelerates the elimination of toxin residues accumulated by the body for decades, and restores the normal function of body organs.

After the body returns to normal, you can reduce the amount of food you eat and maintain a normal state. The real goal is to maintain health. Get miracle moringa seed HERE.

The above information is from different individual use. They are not a formula or prescription. People who eat moringa seed taking their own risk.

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